Industry-leading, Complete-system Warranty, more lifetime free service trust by installer


Cosun® Complete
Confidence Warranty
vs Conventional Solar
Battery Warranty
  Complete system   Battery Performance & Capacity only
  Removal of defective part
  Installation of new part
10 years   Product warranty term 5-7 years

 The only solar warranty to cover your complete system for 10 years—including performance and parts. We have absolute confidence in our battery system's

ability to store,deliver more energy, reliability and savings over time.

Over five years service records from our partner in Pforzheim Germany

Not only service but free upgrading for all our customers.

Service including detailed surveys are the ground root to our continuous improvement

Unrivaled Active Battery/Cell Equalization Performance

The Cosun Residential battery storage system features the most efficient 2A DC-DC Active balancing technology on the market.
Because better balance  means more power, much longer cycling life and more savings,forget all the cheap passive balance now.

Free Remote Maintenance - Cosun Unique Battery Cloud

By adding a small, compact DTU (Data Transfer Unit) with wired internet or WIFI,cosun's battery storage system is connecting to
the Battery Cloud platform, it not only monitor,record the operational data, but also can set the battery parameter and upgrade the
BMS firmware online just with a few clicks, thanks to the Modbus cloud system that can reduce intaller's site visits to the minimal.

Cosun Smart battery cloud features