The First certificate in the world for the latest German energy storage standards

September 14,2016, Cosun New Energy received certification from TUV Rheinland that its Solar
Power Storage System RS-IS8700 is in conformity with the assessment requirement mentioned
below (the highest standard in the industry):

VDE AR 2510-50 (Application guide specifying safety requirements for energy storage systems
with lithium batteries)

Cosun Solar Power Storage System, including the Solax hybrid inverter, has 4 modules of 12.8V,
170Ah lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery chemistry, designed to store 8.7kWh and
deliver up to 7000W power with at least 
6000 long cycles to ensure 10 years warranted lifetime
and 20 years expected lifetime.

RS--IS8700, a reliable residential solar storage system was co-developed by TUV Rheinland
certified Photovoltaic expert 
Mr Murle's team in Pforzheim Germany and the China Three
GorgesUniversity electrical & new energy team with investment from Hong Kong Bicosyn
Investment Limited,they jointly established the company 'Cosun New Energy' to develop the
advanced BMS with complete battery protections and balance technology, the system
also features a user/installer friendly 
5" LCD Touch Control Panel.

Being the first energy storage company to pass the most rigorous safety standard in the world,
cosun was also one of the first 
company with the made-in-china system to enter Germany
market and gained rich experience from its installer partners 
and homeowners,numerous
improvements have been made 
based on their actual use experience since then.

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