Active Battery Balance

Cosun Affordable Active Cell Balance Technique

Cosun Active Balance BMS Introduction

Cosun Active Balance BMS is developed by Cosun New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd for LiFePo4 battery, by adopting an innovative module design which consists of active balance module, main control module and switch output module, a custom BMS can be easily made for 4~64 string of lithium iron phosphate battery.

Active Balance Module can work independently and communicate with Main Control Module,it can measure the cell temperature,voltage and balance current, logically control the full-bridge DC-DC circuit, provide protection for over-current, over temperature, etc,  crosscurrent output and low power consumption management.

The main control module integrates high-position MOS switch drive, high-precision current acquisition circuit, short-circuit protection, communication and other functions.

Through the combination of the above modules, a set of 16-string BMS, with 1.5 A balanced current and perfect protection functions such as overshoot, over-discharge, over-current, short circuit, high and low temperature and so on is constructed, which can effectively prolong the actual service life of the battery pack; the battery can be monitored by LED, external LCD, host computer and Cosun cloud platform, and the battery history can be recorded for a long time with Cosun Battery cloud platform. The battery communication cascade can be realized through the RS485 port, and the firmware can be upgraded by the host computer or remote control from Cosun cloud platform.

  1. Features
  •  1.5A Balance Current, Active Cell Balancing
  •  Over-charge and Over-discharge Protection and auto-recovery for single cell and battery pack
  •  Protection for charging,discharging and short-circuit,Thorough Current Alarm
  •  1%±30mA High Precision Current Measurement, Over 10mV High Precision Voltage Measurement and Less than 2℃ High Precision Temperature Measurement
  •  Less than 5% High Precision SOC Calculation. 32 User calibration dictionaries can be configured
  •  Battery SOH Self-Learning
  •  BMS operation data record (manufacturing time, power-up times, running and stand-by time, etc.)
  •  The Communication address can be set by PIN switch or by upper computer.
  • Less than 100uA Ultra-low Quiescent Current in shutdown,effectively extend the transportation and storage time