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Service in Pforzheim Germany

German Installer Trust

150,00 sqarefeet Distribution center

10-15 days Fast Delivery

Battery Remote Control works great

Remote Maintenance via cloud

Reduce Installer site visits

Super long battery Life

 Proprietary BMS




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Cosun New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Installer Trust  German-based Solar Power System manufacturer with production in China.

Established in 10 December 2013

Pforzheim Germany
Product Designed,Developed and Distributed

TUV Rheinland certified
Solar Power Storage System and Quality Management system .

Reliable LiFePo4 Battery
from 2.5 ~ 50kWh

Proprietary BMS
with 2A Active DC-DC Battery/Cell Balancing Technology

Full Package Supply
of Solar Power Storage System include Inverter,Battery,meter,etc.

Implementation-Ready stock
for certified installer at free cost before installation


Why Cosun New Energy? Our Advantages

The high performance Cosun Solar Home Battery System is

Cosun advanced BMS

Advanced BMS, Active Balancer

Advance Cosun BMS with automatic Inverter configuration, commissioning is easy. 2A high efficient DC-DC Active Balancing Technolog prolong battery life upto 80%

Free Remote maintenance cloud: Monitoring,Parameter Setting, Alarm History and Firmware Upgrade, reduce Installer site visits.

Remote Maintenance is easy

Cosun Cloud enables installer or Professional not only monitor, record the data but also configuring the system and upgrading the firmware remotely via internet


BESS Service & Quality you can trust

Distribution & Service in Germany

With Cosune Warehouse and service professional in south Germany, delivery to installer is 10-15 days after order confirmation.

TUV Cert

TUV Rheinland Certification

The World-First Certificate issued to cosun as per the highest VDE Ar-2 2510-50 Germany standard 

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RS-Box Residential Battery Bank

8.7kWh Battery Solar Power Storage System
Lithium Iron Phosphate
Rs-Box Series

Cosun Solar Power System background

Full Package System

LFP Battery Bank
Hybrid Inverter
Everything in one package


Technology Innovation through installer/user experience


30+ Years in electrical installation in Germany, 10 years in Photovolaic installation


Increase battery life upto 80%, Self-consumption for homeowner is economical now.